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Autism in the News - East TN

In an effort to dispel myths and spread awareness about autism and autism spectrum disorders (ASDs), I contacted WVLT news here in Knoxville, TN.  I asked if they were interested in doing an interview and story about autism and all the myths associated with the disorder.  I told them we would be happy to share our experiences as parents to a child with autism.  We were motivated to share our story after the tragedy in Newtown, CT occurred.  Immediately after, many media outlets were speaking of a possible connection between Asperger's (a disorder on the autism spectrum) and violence.  As the mother of a child on the spectrum, I was shocked, outraged, and deeply saddened that many would jump to such a definitive conclusion when so many don't even realize that autism is a neurological disorder, and not a mental illness.  It was in that moment, that I realized I needed to advocate for my son and his future.  The only way I knew how to do that was by sharing our story through television, where we could reach many homes and hearts at once.  Autism is not a disorder to be ashamed of or to hide behind, and that is where our story begins.  


Welcome to the autism journey

girlonswingHave you been wondering what you can do to advocate within the autism community? Is it your mission to change perceptions?  Maybe you have a little extra time, a service, or a financial contribution. Every little bit helps, and the people we help appreciate you. You have arrived at the perfect place at the perfect time. Together, we will have the "do whatever it takes" attitude to change the lives of thousands of families!!  

How can we accomplish this mission?

Yes, we will accomplish the mission, and it will happen with everyone's help from near or far and through various mediums (radio, television, newspapers, websites, phone calls, public events, letters, petitions, etc).  The possibilities are endless when we come together using our creativity, passion, and perseverance to achieve desired results. requests help from every community and asks each of you to share this website with as many people as possible to convey this critical message.  Autistic people are sweet, loving, capable, intelligent human beings. They just require a little more love and care!  

In coming months, we will be remodeling this site.  If you would like to be involved, please contact us.  Don't forgot to follow our blog and help our efforts by subscribing.